Pregnancy – the Fourth Month

The fourth month, made up of weeks 14-17, is the stage when a mother enters into her 2nd trimester. This month, a mother’s body is going through a major renovation. The uterus grows even more and a small baby bump can be clearly seen. Good care should be taken of both mother and baby during the 4th month.

Week by Week changes in the Mother

The week by week changes include:

  • Week 14:

    The 14th week is the first full week of the second trimester. Many changes are experienced by both the mother and baby. Many women experience skin changes such as a dark line on the pubic bone called the “linea nigra.” Baby’s organs are also starting to mature and the uterus increases in size. During this week, constipation is a common inconvenience. Increasing intake of water can help prevent and ease constipation. This week, try to get good sleep and relax while you still can.

  • Week-15:

    The 15th week of pregnancy is often the period when women start to enjoy being pregnant. For most women, exhaustion and morning sickness have either disappeared or are on their way out. The risk of miscarriage is reduced now that you’ve made it past your first trimester. As your tummy gets bigger, your regular clothes are probably starting to feel a little tight and uncomfortable. Now is a good time to go shopping for comfortable, stylish maternity clothes to show off your pregnancy. This week, your heart increases blood flow to supply more oxygen to you and your baby. You may feel some pain and achiness this week due to hormonal changes and the stretching of ligaments in your pelvis. Also, you may be prone to infection due to a weakened immune system. It is important to maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise to keep both you and your baby healthy.

  • Week-16:

    The 16th week is a common time for women to feel their baby moving inside the womb. You may feel the light, fluttering movement of the baby turning in your tummy; however some women may not be able to feel the baby move quite yet. Blood production increases this week and circulation also improves, making your face “glow.” By this time, your milk glands have started producing milk which makes the glands swollen or tender. To avoid gaining too much weight, consult your doctor about exercising safely during pregnancy.

  • Week-17:

    Most women can feel their babies moving in the womb by the 17th week. You uterus is expanding and is now just inches away from your pubic bone. The secretion of fluid all over the body increases this week. This is the reason why many women face problems such as increased vaginal discharge, sweating, and nasal congestion. During the 17th week, pregnant women are more sensitive to allergens. It is important to avoid close contact with pets and maintain a healthy diet. Many women may face periodic pains in the legs; calcium supplements, taken with your doctor’s approval, may help to relieve this pain. Maintaining a hygienic lifestyle is very important during this week and throughout pregnancy to avoid infections that may pose a risk to you and/or your baby.

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