Week by Week Changes in Pregnancy – Fifth Month

You have entered into the middle of the second trimester of your pregnancy, and if you have not felt your baby’s movement yet, this month you will, for sure. . Your emotions are close to the surface and you may have a few uncomfortable episodes. Maintain emotional and physical balance. You may also feel more energetic this month as most of the morning sickness disappears in the majority of women. Relaxation is one main thing that a women needs to focus on. Try doing yoga, meditation and other simple relaxation techniques to relax yourself.

Week by Week changes in the Fifth Month

The changes that occur during the 18th to 21st week include:

  • Week-18:

    Pregnancy in the 18th week brings lots of changes to you and the baby. An increase in appetite and body structure is very apparent. The normal weight gained by this week is 10-13 pounds. Lying on your side is the best way to relax, and this helps to improve blood flow. This week is the best time to take an ultrasound to check the growth of the baby. Avoid doing heavy work and heavy lifting, and do creative things to avoid stress. Women may face problems with hemorrhoids and constipation. A change in the size of the breasts can be seen during pregnancy in the 18th week.

  • Week-19:

    Pregnancy in the 19th week begins with many changes in the fetus. A woman may face some physical problems; she may complain about sharp pain in the hip or abdominal area. There is also pain in the ligaments as well. Dizziness is pretty common during this month which may result in getting up quickly from a kneeling or sitting position, and there may be a fall in blood pressure which leads to dizziness. Get up slowly without hurrying and this will definitely reduce any dizziness you may have.

  • Week-20:

    This week is the most comfortable one. There is a considerable increase in a woman’s weight. Stretch marks appear and are very visible during this time. Heartburn and constipation are the two main problems faced by women. Itchiness and indigestion are the other problems. Exercises can be continued also during this time.Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet that includes proteins and minerals for keeping mother and baby in good health. Vitamin supplements must be taken daily.

  • Week-21:

    Pregnancy in the 21st week signifies that you have reached the half way mark of your pregnancy. The best kinds of exercise during this time are swimming, yoga and walking. As in the 20th week, heart burn, dizziness, breathlessness and nausea are still common problems. Water retention is another problem, but water intake should not be reduced. Stress related activities should be avoided and in case of severe discomforts, necessary checkups should be attended to.

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