Maternity Skirt – How to Sew a Maternity Skirt

You don’t have to stop looking stylish for nine months if you are pregnant.  There are several stores which have stylish maternity clothes which are very comfortable and fashionable. A new member of the family results in a lot of expenses; therefore, making your own maternity clothes can help you in balancing the expenses. Sewing a maternity skirt is as simple as sewing a regular skirt. This articles focuses on how to sew a maternity skirt.

Maternity Skirt- Preparation

  • First you have to measure your widest part of the hips with the help of a measuring tape. This will enable you to know the width of the skirt in the next step.
  • Take the measurement starting from your waist to the point of leg  where you want the length of the skirt and then subtract 7 inches from that number. This number will be the length of your maternity skirt.
  • Now divide the width of your measurement into two parts.
  • Now with the help of a ruler and measuring tape, draw two rectangles on your cotton cloth or fabric. This is the front side of your skirt.
  • Again draw a rectangle which is 10 inches long by the width of your measurement.
  • Carefully cut all your fabric.
  • Now take all the panels and arrange them in the shape of a skirt in order to sew it. Do this for both sides.

Sewing the Maternity Skirt

  • First pin the two panels of the front side of the maternity skirt and sew them together. Do this for the other side. Now your skirt is semi-stitched where the sides are open.
  • Now fold ½ inch of fabric and knit the fabric edge.
  • Again fold the fabric edge and stitch one more time.
  • See that all the edges are perfectly stitched in order to put the elastic in.
  • Now take the elastic and string it through the opening.
  • After the elastic has gone through successfully, sew the open edge of the skirt shut.
  • Stitch the sides of the maternity skirt.
  • Now hem the bottom of the skirt by turning 1 inch up.

This is how the maternity skirt is stitched at home.

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