Hormones During Pregnancy

Almost every woman reaches a stage where she wants to enjoy and experience the joy of motherhood. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes a lot of hormonal changes. However, all these hormonal changes play a specific role during pregnancy. Each and every hormone has a specific function to perform. This article focuses on the effects of hormones during pregnancy.

Effects of Hormones During Pregnancy

Beta Human Chronic Gonadotropin Hormone:

During pregnancy, this is one of the most important hormones. This hormone is usedto perform pregnancy tests.  The production of this hormone begins a week after fertilization. The secretion of b-HCG begins as soon as the implantation occurs. This hormone is produced along with estrogen and progesterone, which are encouraged by the corpus luteum. This hormone is also responsible for the stimulation of gonad development in the fetus.

Luteinizing Hormone:

This hormone is present both in females and males. In females, it is one the most effective hormones, which triggers the ovulation process. The residual follicle gets converted into corpus luteum which later produces the progesterone hormone.  This hormone maintains the functioning of the corpus luteum during the first two weeks. It also ensures smooth and continuous production of progesterone and estrogen. L.H is one of the main hormones functioning during pregnancy.

Follicle Stimulating Hormone:

Before fertilization occurs, this acts as one of the main hormones. This hormone helps in maturing the follicle to produce the egg.


With the help of the corpus luteum, progesterone is secreted. It helps in making the uterus ready for implantation. It stimulates the glands present in the endometrial wall and also increases the blood supply of the uterine wall. Menstruation does not occur as long as the progesterone levels are high. This hormone helps in proper functioning of the placenta, and it protects the fetus.


Until the placenta takes over, estrogen is a hormone secreted by the corpus luteum.  The estrogen hormone stimulates the glands which are present in the endometrium. Along with other hormones, it also regulates the secretion of progesterone. Estrogen plays an important role during pregnancy. It helps in the development of fetus and also regulates the bone density in the fetus. The reason behind the glow seen in pregnancy is estrogen.

This is all about the hormones found during pregnancy in a woman.

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