Bladder Infection During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a bladder infection, if not treated, can be dangerous for the mother and the child. Inflammation of the bladder which is caused due to the bacterial infection is known as a bladder infection. The other name for a bladder infection is cystitis. Bladder infections occur more in women who are pregnant and who are sexually active.

During pregnancy, a bladder infection can lead to health complications and therefore it requires immediate medical help. This article focuses on the causes, symptoms and treatment for bladder infection during pregnancy.

Causes of Bladder Infection During pregnancy

  • The main cause of the bladder infection is growing size of the uterus that puts extra pressure on the bladder.
  • When the urine is not drained properly, it can cause infection.

Symptoms of Bladder Infection During Pregnancy

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood in urine
  • Burning sensation
  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Foul smelling urine
  • The treatment recommended by doctors is a course of antibiotics if the bladder infection has been detected through urinalysis. This course of medicine lasts one week.
  • Post treatment urinalysis is done in order to ensure that the infection has been completely gone.
  • If a pregnant woman had been experiencing bladder infections earlier, she should get herself tested throughout her pregnancy.
  • If a pregnant woman gets a bladder infection again, the doctor may recommend she takes antibiotics until the delivery of the child.

Treatment for Bladder Infection During Pregnancy

In order to avoid a bladder infection, there are several precautions which a pregnant woman should take during pregnancy. They are as follows:

  • Wear cotton underwear that is not tight.. Wear loose panties that do not bind.
  • Keep the genital areas clean.
  • Drink plenty of liquids.
  • Do not use cosmetics with strong chemicals such as powder, creams and soaps.
  • Avoid indulging in intercourse if you are experiencing urinary tract infection.

The treatment for bladder infection during pregnancy can be done effectively if it is detected in an early stage. It can lead to serious health complications if the bladder infection leads to kidney infection. Consult a doctor immediately if you observe symptoms of bladder infection during pregnancy.

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