Petite Maternity Dress

Those days are gone when pregnant women used to wear ill-fitting clothes. Nowadays, there are women who want to flaunt their bellies by wearing trendy clothes. However, you may get frustrated in finding out petite maternity clothes for every trimester. There are many shops which have stylish maternity clothes such as skirts, evening gowns, blouses and tops. This article focuses on types and tips of choosing petite maternity clothes.

Tips of Choosing Petite Maternity Clothes

  • Most of the clothes that you are wearing now can be used during first trimester. During the entire period of pregnancy, avoid wearing tight pants or jeans because it may have a negative effect on the health and growth of your baby.
  • Clothes that stretch are the most comfortable clothes during pregnancy.  Look for clothes with elastic at the belly.. Wear skirts or pants that are free flowing.
  • Always remember that maternity clothes should be comfortable for the belly so look for elastic clothes.
  • Monochromatic colors may make you look thinner and taller.
  • Wear shirts with necklines such as boat neck, round, high and V as it will give you a slimmer look.
  • Wear clothes that have vertical stripes. Avoid wearing horizontal stripes as it will make you look stout and short.
  • During pregnancy, wear cotton clothes. Cotton fabric allows your skin to breathe.

Maternity Clothes for Petite Sizes – Types

  • Wear long dresses rather than wearing short ones.
  • Black pants are a great option as you can wear them for many occasions during your pregnancy.
  • You may also buy black long skirt as it can be very flattering.
  • Wear cotton loose clothes as it will give maximum space to your belly.
  • If you want to wear jewelry, wear small and delicate pieces.
  • Scarves are an excellent accessory.

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