Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, one of the common problems experienced by pregnant women is swollen ankles. Appearance of swollen ankles during pregnancy is one of the difficult problems a woman experiences during pregnancy. Pregnant women experience swelling on the ankles because during pregnancy the body of a woman needs 50% more blood in order to meet the needs of the growing fetus. It may also occur due to the pressure exerted by the pelvic veins. This article focuses on the reasons, symptoms and treatment of swollen ankles during pregnancy.

Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy – Reasons

  • Excessive fluid accumulation in the space between the cells leads to swollen ankles during pregnancy.
  • Weight gain during pregnancy can also lead to swollen ankles during pregnancy.
  • A change in the weather may cause swollen ankles during pregnancy.

Factors which can cause Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy are as follows:

  • Excessive intake of sodium.
  • Diet low in potassium
  • Standing for a longer period of time
  • Excessive consumption of caffeine.

Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy – Symptoms

  • Bloating up of the ankles and feet
  • Skin around the ankle appears shiny and tight
  • Skin near the ankle appears purplish in color

Treatment for Swollen Ankles During Pregnancy

  • Resting your feet in an elevated position is the best way to reduce ankle swelling.
  • Lie down on your left side whenever possible
  • While sitting avoid bending your knees at a sharp angle.
  • Avoid standing for long period of time.
  • Take breaks often and change your sitting and standing positions frequently.
  • Exercise moderately and do yoga in order to minimize the swelling. Discuss any exercise with your doctor.
  • Do not overdo exercise or yoga as it may make your ankles more swollen.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • You may also opt for support stockings before going to bed. These may reduce the swelling.
  • Do not wear tight elastic stockings or socks.
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking water will flush out all the toxins from the body, thus minimizing the swelling.
  • Massage your ankles in order to reduce the swelling.

Ankle swelling during pregnancy is normal. If you are experiencing severe pain, seek immediate medical help.

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