Cough Medicine During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, cough medicines such as vicks vaporub, robitussin and mucinex are not harmful and effective to take. During pregnancy, it is not safe to suffer from cold and cough because the medicine which is used to treat cold and cough are not safe for the child’s health. Therefore, a pregnant women is always cautious to take medicines during pregnancy. There are certain medicines which are used to treat cold and cough which cannot affect the fetus. This article focuses on the types cough medicines that should be taken during pregnancy.

Types of Cough Medicine During Pregnancy


Robitussin is a trusted brand in order to treat cough during pregnancy. In order to reduce coughing during pregnancy, many doctors suggests to take robitussin. This syrup is made out of different ingredients. It contains dextromethorphan in it which is safe to take during pregnancy. It does not cause any congenital defects to the baby if it is taken in the right dosage.


Mucinex is a medicine which provides considerable amount of relief from cough and it is approved by FDA. The ingredient used in making this medicine is guaifenesin. In order to treat cough during pregnancy, this medicine is the most effective medicine. This medicine helps in cleaning the mucus from the lungs.


This medicine helps in bringing down the cough and it is available in a capsule form. The ingredient contain in this medicine is guaifenesin which helps in reducing the cough. Hytuss also helps in thinning the mucus. Consumption of hytuss prevents a pregnant woman from cold and flu.

Vicks vaporub:-

Vicks vaporub is neither a tablet nor syrup but it is an ointment which can be applied on the chest in order to reduce the coughing. Vicks vaporub contains medicated vapors in it which reduces the coughing.

Things to Remember

  • These medicines provides temporary relief from cough and cold and it can be used for three to four days. It is not advisable to use these medicines for longer period of time.In order to know the exact dosage of these medicines, consult to doctor.

Overdose of any medicine can be harmful for you and for your baby. Therefore, always consult to doctor before taking any medicines.

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