Antibiotics During Pregnancy

Whether is it safe to consume antibiotics during pregnancy is a matter of concern for all the pregnant women. However, there are some antibiotics which are considered to be safe and some are not. There are various reasons behind taking an antibiotic during pregnancy but one should consult to gynaecologist before consuming any antibiotics. This article focuses the different types of antibiotics during pregnancy.

Types of Antibiotics Dung Pregnancy

Type A:-

Very few antibiotics falls under this category. Type A antibiotic means that there is no harm to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy. Therefore, type A antibiotic is the safest of all the antibiotics which can be taken during pregnancy.

Type B:-

large number of antibiotics falls under this category, however, there are no evidence of pregnancy related issues or birth defects due to the consumption of these antibiotics. Hence, these antibiotics are also safe to be taken during pregnancy.

Type C:-

These antibiotics are need to be avoided during pregnancy as they do not contain sufficient data about the effects of type C antibiotics.

Type D:-

These antibiotics are completely avoided during pregnancy and prenatal care. If there is no better alternative, you may take this antibiotic during pregnancy.

Things to Remember

Duration of medication:-

Too much exposure of the antibiotics may lead to deformities in the fetus and even results in miscarriage.

Type of antibiotics:-

Erythromycin,penicillin and cephalosporins are some of the antibiotic which are safe to consume during pregnancy. Along with these antibiotics, you must take multivitamin dose regularly.

Trimester of pregnancy:-

It is very important to see in which trimester you are consuming the antibiotics as there are certain antibiotic which need to be consumed during certain trimester.

Dosage of the antibiotic prescribed:-

In order to treat urinary tract infection, take folic acid at least 400 milligrams along with the antibiotics. Take extra folic acid if you are treating prenatal vitamins.

Before taking any antibiotics during pregnancy, it is very necessary for you to check the harmful effects of these antibiotics. Consult to doctor before consuming any antibiotics during pregnancy.

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