Natural Cold Remedies which are Safe to Use During Pregnancy

What cold remedies are safe for a pregnant mother to use?

Hot tea: There are some which are blended with herbs to help with congestion and throat pain. My two favourites are: Traditional Medicine’s Throat Coat Tea and Breathe Easy Tea. They taste good, are made with a blend of herbs, and do help. Throat coat is very soothing. If you do have a sore throat, make sure you have a Strep test done by your doctor. This tea will not cure a strep throat, but is soothing and helps if you have a viral infection. Breathe easy does help loosen your phlegm and clear your sinuses.

Chicken Soup: Very traditional and something your grandmother probably gave you to eat when you were sick. It still is a terrific remedy.
Cranberry Juice and Orange Juice both contain vitamin C and are great liquids to add to your diet when you are fighting off an infection.

Echinacea supplements: You can find them in pill form or liquid. Echinacea is an herb that stimulates the immune system. It will help your body fight off an illness, and it will also help strengthen your immune system. It is great to take during flu season.

Extra Vitamin C in your diet. You can take supplements, or eat foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, tomatoes, peppers, and green leafy vegetables.
Vitamin D Suppements: Especially take in the winter when you are not in the sun as much. Vitamin D can also strengthen your immune system, and is a good one to get you through flu season.

Zinc lozenges: Along with boosting your immune system during an illness, it is also an essential mineral your body needs during pregnancy which promotes cell division.
And the best one of all, which sometimes is the hardest to find, but you need to get lots of rest. Put your feet up and take it easy!

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