Tailbone Pain during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many women who experience tailbone pain. However, one can ease the pain by massage, taking certain medications and using certain types of cushions. Pregnancy is a time where a woman faces a lot of physical and hormonal changes and sometimes these changes can result in severe health complications. There are some women who experience tailbone pain after childbirth whereas there are some women who experience this pain during pregnancy.

The baby puts pressure on the bone resulting in a lower back pain. In severe cases, injury to the tailbone can be caused during the birth itself, when the baby passes through the birth canal. The injury can be a chip, fracture in the tailbone or bruising. This article focuses on how to minimize the pain during pregnancy.

How to deal withTailbone Pain in Pregnancy.

Women who already have a history of lower back pain should go for testing and treatment before conceiving. It is very important for a health care provider, midwife or an obstetrician to know that you have experienced pain  in this area before.

  • While sitting, use a cushion in order to avoid pressure on the coccyx. You may opt for a wedge cushion which is triangular in shape and helps by redistributing the pressure when you sit. You may also use a donut cushion which has a hole in the center and redistributes force and pressure on areas when sitting.
  • Avoid sitting on hard surfaces, sit on a pillow or cushioned chair.
  • You may feel a little bit of sharp pain while sitting. In order to avoid such pains, sit and stand slowly.
  • There are some medications which provide relief from tailbone pain. However, during pregnancy one should avoid taking some medications… Any medications taken during pregnancy should be under the guidance of your doctor.
  • You may also want to try relaxation techniques like meditation, massage, applying ice on the affected area, and soothing baths.
  • You may also get a massage done on the tailbone area while sitting in a cat pose. The Cat position massage helps in shifting the baby from the tailbone position to a more comfortable position. This should always be done someone qualified in prenatal massage.
  • You may also get relief from tailbone pain while doing yoga stretches using an exercise ball.

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