The Many Experiences of Pregnancy

I’ve been pregnant a number of times and have four children to show for it. Although there literally are some aches and pains to go along with pregnancy, there are also some experiences that I can try to describe in print, but they are too amazing to even imagine.

I was lucky in one way, I didn’t have much morning sickness with any of my children. I did however have heartburn. I don’t think I’ve ever had heartburn before or after or since. It was good that Tums were okay to take. I bought a big bottle of them. They were big, cherry flavoured, and chalky, but they did help to relieve the heartburn.

I remember the fatigue too. Late afternoon, I would get so tired and would lie down for a nap. Something I never did. My feet and hands swelled a bit, my head ached some days, and I constantly felt bloated. In my third trimester, I remember just feeling sort of like a weeble and not the klnd that would wobble without falling down!

When you’re pregnant, you get to undergo tests that you never knew existed. Yes; I knew all about blood tests, but had no idea what a glucose test involved other than the blood test. I was surprised that I would have to drink what looked like orange soda, though it tasted even sweeter, and then have to hang in the waiting room another hour or so. I was glad I had brought a book to read.

The tests I didn’t mind and actually looked forward too, when I was confident the pregnancy was going well, were when my doctor used the Doppler to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I was able to hear it to. It was amazing that a fetus so tiny could have such a strong heartbeat, and what a special feeling it is to hear your child’s heartbeat! Then, there is the ultrasound, where you get to see images of your baby in the womb. It is amazing how much the technicians are able to capture in those pictures.

During my third trimester, I felt like an oven, my body just ran hot, which I guess is normal, but I remember not ever needing a sweater in the winter before the birth of my second daughter. In the third trimester, I always felt pretty uncomfortable sleeping. I would sleep on my left side with my body propped with pillows. I seemed more fatigued than ever, but what was cool was feeling little feet kicking from the inside. I remember being able to feel a tiny flutter at first in my 6th or 7th month, but I could feel actual feet in the 8th and 9th months. I also remember the funny tickly feeling of tiny baby hiccups. I play the recorder with an Early Music ensemble and when I would play, the kicking of my son would start right on cue. It was neat to see that he was trying to dance already!

The special feeling of bonding with your new child far out weighs all of the aches, bloating, swelling, cramps, morning sickness, and anything else you may need to endure. They say how pregnant woman glow, and they do from the inside out.

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