Induce Lactation

There are number of children who do not belong to their respective mothers and there are various causes behind why a woman is not able to give birth. This may happen because a woman had a hysterectomy, is infertile, or other reasons. However, there are various ways in which a woman can induce lactation. This article focuses on the different ways of inducing lactation.

Induce Lactation

  • Milk produced by lactation is the same breast milk produced by a biological mother ten days after the delivery.
  • A mother is able to produce colostrum, but she is not able to produce placental lactation.
  • Throughout the lactation process the amount of antibodies and immune factors remain the same.
  • Due to lack of increase of hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone, during pregnancy the breasts are not able to lactate. However, there are several ways in which one can induce lactation.

Ways of Inducing Lactation

Nipple Stimulation:

If you just gave birth, one of the ways to induce lactation without using any medication is nipple stimulation. It does not have any side effects. In order to stimulate milk production it is very necessary to increase prolactin secretions. You may stimulate your breasts on your own or you can ask your partner. Sucking of the nipples by your partner is the best method to stimulate your nipples. You may also give a hand massage to the breast along with nipples. In order to stimulate nipples you may also use a breast pump.


In order to induce lactation, there are some herbs which can help you. Herbs such as fenugreek, anise seed, blessed thistle, hops and fennel are some of the herbs which help in inducing lactation. Consult a doctor before eating these herbs in order to induce lactation.


There are several medications which can be used in order to induce lactation. These medications increaseprolactin which is necessary for the lactation. You may also use birth control pills in order to induce lactation.

Warm Compress:

Warm compresses such as a heat lamp or sunlight help to induce lactation. You may also take warm water bath in order to induce lactation. These methods will increase circulation in the milk ducts.

In order to induce lactation always remember the rule of supply and demand – the more the demand for milk, the more will be the supply.

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