Breastfeeding Tips

Breastfeeding fosters optimal health of the baby as well as the mother. It is a wonderful experience for every mother. One of the special moments of being a mother is breastfeeding. Feeding a baby with breast milk by skin to skin contact is known as breastfeeding.

For healthy growth and overall development of the baby, breast milk is very essential. It is the healthiest milk that a baby can drink. Breast milk also provides certain benefits to the mother, such as it helps to prevent breast cancer and reduces weight. This article focuses on breastfeeding tips.

Tips for Breastfeeding for New Mothers

Colostrum is known as the first milk of the mother. It is extremely healthy for the newborn child as the child is totally dependent on this milk in order to fill up her stomach. It takes around two to three weeks for the baby as well as for the mother to get adapted to breastfeeding. It is recommended to start breastfeeding as soon as possible.

Some of the tips to follow while Breastfeeding:

Feed Frequently:

Feed your baby at constant intervals. Feed your baby regularly after every two to three hours. Frequently feeding will help the breast to stimulate for smooth lactation. Frequently feeding also anticipates advancement of breast milk.

Right Positioning:

With the help of your hand, support your baby. Gradually, try to put your nipple inside his mouth. When you are feeding, make sure that baby’s lips are puckered and the mouth is wide open. While feeding, observe your child so that he does not take away his mouth while sucking.

Feeding at Night:

Your baby might be sleeping during the night feeding. Observe your baby properly while feeding so that he can suck properly while awake. Do not wake your child from sleep for feeding.

Mom’s Clothes:

While feeding ensure that you wear loose clothes. Use aprons which are specially designed for breastfeeding mothers. This will help you to feel comfortable while feeding even in public places.

For successful breastfeeding, you can also take advice from experienced mothers who can tell you some of the tricks of breastfeeding. You must always remember that breastfeeding is very simple only if you and your child are comfortable.

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