Blocked Milk Ducts

Blocked milk ducts are easily noticeable and are experienced by many women during breastfeeding. In a blocked milk duct, the area nearest the breast will become soft and delicate.Due to clogging of the ducts, swelling will form near the breasts. The area near the swelling will become warm and red or brown in color. This may lead to an increase in body temperature. This article focuses on the causes and treatment of blocked milk ducts during breastfeeding

Causesof a Blocked Milk Duct

  • Incomplete draining of the milk is the main cause of a blocked milk duct. This also leads to an inflamed milk duct.
  • Wearing tight bras which compresses the milk ducts in breasts.
  • Leading a stressful life
  • Using a breast pump excessively.
  • Suffering from some sort of illness.
  • Not breastfeeding correctly.
  • There is always a risk of getting mastitis when you have a blocked milk duct. ┬áVisit your doctor immediately if you are experiencing a blocked milk duct.
  • The doctor will give you effective treatment and pain killers in order to ease the pain and fever.
  • The medicines prescribed by the doctor will not be harmful to the baby.

Treatment for Blocked Milk Ducts

Some of the home remedies you can use are as follows:


Gently massage the lumps on the breasts. Massage in a circular direction. It will allow the milk to flow and the lumps to dissolve. You may use a handheld massager in order to treat a blocked milk duct.

Provide Warmth:

You may also provide warmth to the breast with the blocked milk duct. Take a towel and dampen it with hot water. Spread the towel on the affected area for about 10 minutes. You may also take a warm bath. If you do not get relief after trying these things, take a cabbage leaf and warm it on a heated pan. Put it on the affected area for about 5 to 10 minutes. It will dissolve the lumps present on the breasts.

Continue Breastfeeding:

Do not stop feeding if you are experiencing a blocked milk duct. Continue feeding as it will maintain the flow of the milk and prevent your breasts from overfilling with milk. You may also use an electric breast pump to drain your breast milk.

It is very important to consult your doctor immediately if you are experiencing a blocked milk duct. Do not rely on self- medication. A blocked milk duct may lead to mastitis.

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