Dealing with Breastfeeding Issues

One of the greatest things a woman can do for her baby is to breastfeed it. However, it is not always easy for new mothers. A large number of women face many difficulties while breastfeeding. This article focuses on a number of ways of dealing with breastfeeding issues.

Dealing with Breastfeeding Issues

Sore Nipples

  • Initially your nipples will be soft. In order to avoid cracks and dry skin, keep them moisturized.
  • You can apply cream to the affected area in order to prevent dry skin and cracks.
  • You can also rub breast milk on each nipple at the end of each nursing session in order to avoid dry skin and itching.
  • Make sure that your nipples get enough air.
  • You can also remove your bra for some time and wear a loose fitting shirt in order to let the nipples get enough air.
  • This will help your nipples get tougher and the problem of sore nipples will go away.

Babies who don’t Latch on

  • Usually babies don’t know how to latch on their own.
  • It is very important for the mother to take some training before the child is born.
  • Consult lactation in the hospital in order to learn the procedures for latching on.
  • Be consistent with your baby if he/she is having trouble.
  • Present the nipple the same way each time you feed.
  • If he/she has not latched on properly do not try to breastfeed. This will prevent your nipples from becoming tender.

Inverted Nipples

  • The slightest bit of a flat nipple may cause a baby to reject the breast.
  • If either nipple is not inverted it is worst for you because this makes the baby only feed on one side.
  • You must have both your nipples inverted before having the baby nurse.
  • In order to draw the nipple out, breast pumping works best.

These are some of the issues many women come across while breastfeeding. Women can overcome these breastfeeding problems if they really want to breastfeed their baby.

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