Conceiving Twins

One cannot predict twin pregnancy, however, there are certain factors which increase the chances of conceiving twins naturally. Statistics show that out of every 89 births, only one woman is able to conceive twins. Fertilization of one or more than one egg leads to twin pregnancy. There are two kinds of twins, namely identical twins and fraternal twins. This article focuses on the types of twin pregnancies and how to conceive twins naturally.

Types of Twin Pregnancies

Identical Twins:

Identical twins are delivered when the fertilized egg splits in the embryonic stage. They usually have the same genetic material. In some cases, the genetic material can be slightly different which leads to anomalies, such as female and male identical twins.  These twin pregnancies are caused by an accident of cell division.

Fraternal Twins:

Fraternal twins are also known as heterozygous twins. They are born with two eggs being fertilized in the monthly cycle. Fraternal twins have different genetic materials. There are many factors, which regulate whether you can have twins or not.  Fraternal twins require releasing extra eggs..

Chances of Conceiving Twins

Family History:

Your chances of having fraternal twins can be increased if you have a family history of fraternal twins. Woman who have relatives who are multiples or had multiples can obtain the chromosome which causes hyper-ovulation. However, while conceiving twins, hereditary history of father does not work at all.

Ethnicity and Race:

The chances of having twins are affected by ethnicity. This means that African American women are more prone to conceive twins rather than Caucasian women. The least chances of conceiving twins by ethnicity are Asian women.


Older women are more prone to conceive twins. Women between 35 to 40 years have more chance to conceive fraternal twins. This is due to the hormonal and bodily changes which occur in the peri-menopausal period.

Conceiving Twins Naturally

Folic Acid Supplements:

Daily intake of folic acid supplement may lead to conceiving twins. Folic acid increases the chances of conceiving fraternal twins.

Weight Gain:

An increase in weight increases your odds of conceiving twins; however, this method is not recommended.

Intake of Dairy Products:

Women who eat a vegetarian diet are less likely to conceive twins compared to women who drink milk.

Birth Control pills:

Women who regularly take birth control pills and suddenly stop can result in having twins. This happens because the consumption of the pills leads to a hormonal disorder which later on requires a cycle or two to get the hormones back in regular working style. This leads to conceiving twins.

The chances of conceiving twins increase after miscarriage. One should always keep in mind that there are risks involved with twin pregnancies.



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