What is Implantation Spotting?

The entry of the embryo into the uterus is indicated by implantation spotting. Pregnancy is a time when a woman undergoes physical and hormonal changes. However, a woman is not aware of many of the magnificent biological changes which happen inside her body. The entire process of pregnancy is filled with excitement, confusion and fear. This article focuses on implantation spotting.

Meaning of Implantation

  • The sperm fertilizes the egg when the diploid cell zygote goes through the uterus. During this process, cell division occurs which transforms the zygote into a blastocyst.
  • The blastocyst then accommodates itself inside the lining of the uterus, known as endometrial lining.
  • The lining is rich in blood which further develops into the placenta. The process of the blastocyst attaching itself to the endometrial lining is known as implantation.
  • The blastocyst gets discharged as a part of normal menstrual flow if the implantation is not successful.

Meaning of Fertilization

  • Every month ovaries release a mature ovum or egg. This egg travels through the fallopian tubes in order to enter the uterus. Then it meets a viable sperm on its way to the uterus.
  • In order to form a zygote, the sperm and ovum fuse together. This process is known as fertilization.
  • The egg continues to travel to the womb and gets discharged along with endometrial lining in the absence of a viable sperm.

Implantation Spotting – How does it occur

  • As we know the endometrial lining is rich in blood. A few drops of blood reach the vagina when the blastocyst burrows itself in the endometrial lining.

Symptoms of Implantation Spotting

  • You may experience cramps in the pelvic region along with light discharge. However, both cramping and implantation spotting is similar to PMS. Implantation cramping occurs at the side of the uterus where the implantation has occurred.

Implantation Spotting – How long does it last

  • Implantation spotting does not last for more than two days. You may not always notice implantation spotting. About 25% to 30% women are able to detect implantation spotting.

It is very important to know the facts about implantation spotting when you are pregnant. Many women misunderstand implantation spotting, which may also affect the entire process of pregnancy.

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