Allergy Medicines During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman can experience allergies, such as rhinitis, which are very common. A pregnant woman consuming medicines can experience negative repercussions, which can affect the health of the baby. As far as possible, doctors avoid prescribing medicines during pregnancy.

However, there are some women who need to take medicines during pregnancy. Although there are some medicines which are safe, still it is advisable to consult the doctor before taking them. This article focuses on the different types of allergy medicines during pregnancy.

Allergy Medicine During Pregnancy

There are five types of allergy medicines which are safe to take during pregnancy.

Type A Medicines:

Type A medicines are very safe for the baby as well as for the mother. These medicines can be taken during the initial three months of pregnancy, and they are very safe. However, there are very few allergy medicines which fall under this category.

Type B Medicines:

Medicines under this type are not completely safe, but they are still taken by many pregnant women. Medicines such as chlorpheniramine are considered safe to be taken during pregnancy. However, one must consult a doctor before consuming these medicines. In order to treat rhinitis, nasal sprays such as Carolyn are safe to be taken during pregnancy.

Type C Medicines:

These medicines can have negative effects on a pregnant woman. There are several health risks in consuming these medicines rather than benefits. Medicines such as pseudoephedrine are taken in order to cure allergies during pregnancy, However, one should keep in mind that medicines falling under type C should not be consumed during the initial months of pregnancy.

Type D Medicine:

Medicines falling under this type are very risky and not at all safe for the growing fetus. However, one may take these medicines after consulting the doctor.

Type X Medicine:

Avoid completely allergy medicines falling under this type. They cause birth defects in the baby and should not be taken at any cost. This medicine should be avoided even before pregnancy.

Allergy medicines can be taken during pregnancy, but one should consult a doctor before consuming any medicines. Type A medicines are the safest medicines, which can be taken during pregnancy. However, type B and C should be taken after consulting the doctor. Completely avoid taking type X medicines because they are not all safe for the baby or for the mother.

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