Bed Rest During Pregnancy

In order to minimize pregnancy complications, bed rest during pregnancy is essential. It is advisable to take bed rest during pregnancy as it prevents certain pregnancy complications. Bed rest during pregnancy differs from woman to woman. It depends on your case: you may be advised strict bed rest which could be full bed rest at home, whereas some women are advised to take rest until the complications are stabilized. This article focuses on the reasons behind bed rest during pregnancy.

Bed Rest During Pregnancy – Reasons

  • There are a lot of reasons behind bed resting during pregnancy. Some of the common reasons are high blood pressure, such as eclampsia and preeclampsia.
  • The main causes behind bed rest during pregnancy are vaginal bleeding, cervical changes, premature labor pain, history of pregnancy loss, premature birth and poor fetal development. All these causes lead to bed rest during pregnancy.
  • In order to prevent a miscarriage, it is always recommended to take bed rest.
  • Bed rest improves the chances of continuing with a healthy pregnancy.
  • Short-term bed rest gives your body a chance to normalize.
  • A woman who is experiencing high blood pressure during pregnancy is recommended to take bed rest as it decreases stress and lowers blood pressure.
  • The best position for bed rest during pregnancy also differs from woman to woman. Women who require bed rest are usually recommended to sleep or rest with hips or knees bent. A woman can also place a pillow between her knees.

Bed Rest During Pregnancy – Activities Able to be Done

Get a detailed explanation from a health care provider about the do’s and don’ts. Lifting, strenuous activity and exercising are some of the things which should be avoided during pregnancy. Check with your health care provider whether you can do the following things while taking bed rest during pregnancy.

  • Walking
  • Driving
  • Shower or bath
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Exercise

Bed resting during pregnancy is essential for some women. Stay mentally occupied and do things which make you feel happy.

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