Managing Post Abortion Depression

Women have abortions for many reasons from personal to medical.  Some women experience a post-traumatic stress after an abortion similar to women suffering from physical and emotional stress after a miscarriage.  Other women recover from the physical stress and are just fine emotionally. This article focuses on symptoms and how to manage depression after an abortion.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression after an Abortion

  • The signs of depression can occur immediately after an abortion or much later.
  • Feelings of guilt are common.  Women who are religious may think they have committed a sin, even if their life was in danger which necessitated the abortion.
  • Sleep disorders, insomnia, anxiety, headache and an increased heart rate are signs of extreme stress.
  • Some women try to conceive again immediately to cope with the loss, which also happens to women who experience a miscarriage.
  •  Woman may have fears of future infertility
  • To suppress their feelings, women may increase the use of alcohol or drugs which can only deepen their depression

How to Deal with Depression after an Abortion

  • The best way is to get help from a professional counselor. A professional counselor will identify and treat emotional issues before the issues reach the stage of clinical depression.
  • Woman should speak to their therapist about all feelings related to the abortion.
  • Seek medical health care as soon as possible in order to avoid depression.


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