Conceiving After a Miscarriage

For many couples, miscarriage is a devastating experience, and. it can be difficult to conceive a baby after a miscarriage. It is possible but a couple should wait and not try right away.  It is very important for a woman to be mentally and physically ready to have another baby. This article focuses on advice for conceiving after a miscarriage.

Conceiving After a Miscarriage

  • It is always recommended to wait a few months to conceive again after a miscarriage. Some say a woman should wait for at least six months and others say there is no need to wait at all. Whatever advice is followed, awaiting period will strengthen a woman’s body.
  • The endometrial lining and uterus are weakened by a miscarriage. If the body is not fully recovered there is a high chance of a second miscarriage.
  • Lastly, conceiving after a miscarriage can depend upon the cause of the first miscarriage. Some reasons may require medical intervention to avoid a second miscarriage

Conceiving after a Miscarriage – Recommendations

  • You must give your body sometime to recover from a miscarriage. You should wait until everything is normal inside your body.
  • Pay attention to your diet during this healing period.
  • The recovery time lets your uterus heal and return to its normal, pre-miscarriage state.
  • Many miscarriages happen because of genetic disorders. Find out if this applies to you.
  • Do not blame yourself for what happened. Keep yourself happy and prepare yourself for your next pregnancy.
  • Maintain your weight and eat a balanced diet. Reduce alcohol intake and quit smoking.
  • Stay positive and calm if you become pregnant again. Keep your first trimester stress free. Rest if possible. See your doctor for regular checkups.

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