Coping with Miscarriage

The spontaneous ending of pregnancy for any reason is called a miscarriage. Coping after miscarriage is a traumatic experience which a couple may have to face. There are many reasons a pregnancy can end before the twenty-fifth week.

In addition to genetic problems with the baby, other reasons a pregnancy can end include infection, bad health habits and certain medical conditions. The experience of going through miscarriage can be devastating with one out of every five couples experiencing it. Among all the challenges of marriage, coping with miscarriage can be the most difficult with which a couple has to deal.

Miscarriage can make a woman mentally and physically weak.  A woman recovers from physical weakness by resting and taking proper medications, but the mental impacts are more difficult for a woman to manage on her own.

After miscarriage, a woman can have feelings such as depression, grief, guilt and sadness. She may try to keep herself detached. This article focuses on some tips for coping with miscarriage.

Advice for a Couple Coping with Miscarriage

Feel the shock-

Do not hide your pain. It is very natural to be in shock because you have lost something very special. Express your feelings to your partner and let your partner share feelings with you. Sharing and expressing your feelings with each other is an important part of the coping process. One must always remember that life doesn’t end with this tragedy, so one must cope with grief and move on in life.

Turn to each other-

This is a time when your partner needs a lot of support.  One has to support his or her partner steadfastly to cope with miscarriage. Stay connected with each other and do not try to blame each other. Spend quality time together. You may take your partner for a walk, a movie or to a favorite place.

Social Connection-

Remember your family members and friends will always try to help you cope with the miscarriage, but they might accidentally hurt you because they do not know how to deal with such a situation. In order to avoid hurting, you must communicate your feelings to your loved ones.  And remember, your family is hurting, too.

Coping with Miscarriage – Tips


One of the best ways to manage the pain is to read about miscarriage and grief. This will help you learn the reasons behind a miscarriage, what it is and  how to process your grief. If you do not feel like reading a book, you can browse article like this one online.


For this you need to maintain a notebook or a journal. Write down all you have experienced and are feeling in this notebook. It is one of the most effective ways of processing grief. You may also ask your partner to maintain a journal.  You can exchange journals and read them. It will help you in knowing each other’s feelings and emotions.

Keep yourself Busy-

Keep yourself engaged in some activity or work after you are physically healed. Keep yourself busy and enage in something that makes you feel happy, such as a favorite hobby.  Your enthusiasm may not be the same at first, but doing something you enjoy  will not only keep you happy but help you cope with the miscarriage.

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