How to Pump Breast Milk

A new mother needs to feed her baby milk when away from her child. Breast pumping gathers milk for the baby to eat when the mother is not around, but many women do not know how to pump breast milk. Pumping milk from the breast is simple, and can be done with the assistance of a helper or partner if needed.

When the mother needs to leave home for several hours, pumping milk from her breasts is essential for both mother and baby. Knowing how to pump milk from your breast makes you and your baby’s life easier and less stressful. This article focuses on how to pump breast milk.

How to Pump Breast Milk – by Hand

  • Breastfeeding is the best time to also learn hand expression of breast milk. Be sure and wash your hands before expressing milk into a container.
  • Knead your breasts in a gentle manner before expressing the milk.
  • Next place your fingers 1-2 inches back from your nipple and stimulate by holding your breasts with your fingers and thumb.
  • Move your fingers and thumb in a rolling motion. Do not squeeze your nipple but roll your hand around your breast.
  • Keep a warm and clean cloth around your nipple for about five minutes while expressing milk from the breasts.

How to Pump Breast Milk – By Breast Pump

  • There are many handheld, electric and battery-operated breast pumps available.
  • These pumps are easy to use but battery-operated pumps make more noise than electric pumps.
  • Before buying any pump, ensure it is similar to the sucking strength of your baby.
  • To prevent irritation and pinching use the correctly sized plastic cups for your breasts and position them properly.

All breast pumps come with specific instructions for use, but these are some general usage guidelines. Place the pump correctly on your breasts and turn on the machine.  An electric or battery-operated pump takes about 10-15 minutes while a hand pump takes about 40 minutes to pump both breasts. Pumping breast milk or breastfeeding takes about the same amount of time. In preparation for several hours absence, a mother should learn how to pump breast milk. Drinking lots of fluids and eating a healthy diet helps produce more milk.

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