Stretch Marks on Breasts During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, stretch marks on breasts are the most common symptoms experienced by a pregnant woman. The size of the breasts increases which causes the skin to stretch. Stretch marks appearing on the breasts are white, pink or red in color.

Drastic weight loss is another reason for stretch marks. Stretch marks on the breasts are a heartache for every pregnant woman. This article focuses on the various natural cures to fade stretch marks on breasts during pregnancy

Natural Cures to Fade Stretch marks on Breasts During Pregnancy

Shea Butter:-

Stretch marks are more apparent when the skin is dry. Keep the skin of the breasts well-moisturized. After taking bath, rub shea butter on breasts daily. It will help in fading stretch marks on breasts.

Scar Treatment Cream:-

Scar treatment creams which you can find at your pharmacy usually contain onion extract which helps to lighten the stretch marks. It is also possible to use an onion itself  and extract its juice. It works to fade those marks, but it is pretty smelly. That is why the cream is probably the better bet.

Aloe Vera:-

Breaking apart an aloe vera leaf and rubbing the juice of it on your breast will benefit the skin and its elasticity and firmness. It will help in fading the stretch marks to a great extent. Apply aloe vera pulp paste along with vitamin E capsules on breasts for about ten to fifteen minutes daily. Do it before going to bed in order to fade stretch marks on breasts during pregnancy.


Hydrate your skin not only from outside but also inside. Drinking water is one of the best ways to fade stretch marks on breasts. Avoid drinking soda and coffee as these take away water from the body leading to dehydration.

Olive Oil:-

Massage olive oil daily on breasts in order to fade stretch marks. Massaging olive oil on breasts increases the blood circulation, thus naturally healing the stretch marks present on breasts.

Medical options:

Microdermabrasion:-It is a medical technique which involves buffing the top layers of the skin. The skin becomes red, however the skin heals with time. Using microdermabrasion for several times will fade the stretch marks on breasts. Laser treatment is also an option some women consider.

Following a healthy diet will also speed up the process of healing stretch marks on breasts. In order to fade stretch marks on breasts, take good quantity of nuts and seeds which contain zinc in it.

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