Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercise is necessary during pregnancy to help the pregnant woman feel relaxed and better overall. Exercising is beneficial both for the pregnant woman and for the child. However, it is very important to know what are types of exercise a pregnant woman should perform so that it does not cause any complications during pregnancy. This article focuses on the types and benefits of safe exercises during pregnancy.

Types of Safe Exercises During Pregnancy:

Indoor Cycling:

Cycling provides movement for the muscles and also keeps weight in check. Outdoor cycling can be dangerous, so it is not advisable. Indoor cycling controls the speed of the cycle, thus there is no danger from indoor cycling.


Walking is a type of exercise that one may do anywhere and at any time. Walking keeps you and your baby fit. Some things should be kept in mind while walking: do not walk too fast and wear comfortable sports shoes while walking.


Yoga helps to maintain the mental as well as physical health of a pregnant woman. Yoga improves concentration, which is very important while delivering a baby.

Aquanatal Classes:

Aquanatal classes allow a pregnant woman to perform gentle exercises while standing in the water. These exercises are relaxing and reduce the swelling in the legs.

Benefits of Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


  • Reduce discomfort
  • Safe exercise stretch and strengthen the muscles.
  • Exercising prepares the expectant mother to bear the pain of delivery.
  • Exercise also eases the pain of labor and shortens the delivery time of the baby.
  • Exercise gives relief from nausea and back ache and provides for better sleep and extra energy.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before doing any exercises. Do not stress yourself, and stop doing exercise if you are experiencing severe pain.




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