Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

A pregnancy which ends before the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of uterus is known as a chemical pregnancy. A woman will get a positive result if she takes a pregnancy test before her periods starts. If she does not take a test, then she might not even realize that she was pregnant and her pregnancy got terminated. This article focuses on the causes of chemical pregnancy symptoms.

Causes of Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

There are mainly three causes observed why a woman experiences chemical pregnancy. However, these causes vary from woman to woman. The following are the three main causes:

  • When the baby is conceived and a chromosomal abnormality is present in the baby which prevents the formation and proper development of the baby resulting in a miscarriage.
  • Uterine abnormalities experienced by a woman make implantation difficult resulting in miscarriage.
  • Hormonal deficiencies in a woman may lead to miscarriage and chemical pregnancy.

Symptoms of Chemical Pregnancy

  • In the majority of the cases, it is very difficult to diagnose physical signs of chemical pregnancy. However, there are some chemical pregnancy symptoms which are similar to normal pregnancy symptoms. They are tiredness, morning sickness, vomiting, and nausea.
  • A woman might experience bleeding from the vagina during chemical pregnancy.
  • A chemical pregnancy gets terminated quickly. Due to this, some women might experience blood clots during their menstruation along with severe cramping.

Treatment for Chemical Pregnancy Symptoms

  • HCG tests are conducted in order to diagnose a chemical pregnancy.
  • An ultrasound is done in order to find out if there is any life inside the uterus. There is no heartbeat heard or any visible sign of implantation of the embryo during a chemical pregnancy.
  • Maintaining an unhealthy diet, over-exercising or taking certain vitamins may cause a miscarriage.
  • It is very difficult to treat chromosomal defects caused due to chemical pregnancy whereas hormonal deficiencies can be more easily treated.

Chemical pregnancy symptoms are not experienced by every woman. That is why a woman does not take any treatment during chemical pregnancy symptoms. However, if a woman is able to notice chemical pregnancy symptoms, she should get her HCG levels monitored by a doctor continuously for three to four months.

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