Eating Fish While Pregnant

Eating fish is an important source of protein, but it may be harmful depending on the type of fish. Here is a guide to eating fish during pregnancy:

Tips for Eating Fish While Pregnant

  • Choose a type of fish low in mercury, such as salmon, trout, mackerel or sole
  • Or, choose a high quality canned fish if fresh fish is not available
  • Haddock
  • Trout
  • Tilapia
  • Salmon
  • Sardines
  • Shark
  • King Mackerel
  • Tile-fish
  • Swordfish
  • Shellfish

Types of Fish Safe for Pregnant Women:

Types of Fish To Avoid While Pregnant:

These types of fish may harm the fetus because they are known to contain high amount of mercury in it. Pregnant women should also stay away from sushi because of possible contamination in the uncooked fish. But certain types of fish can remain in a pregnant woman’s diet.

Is it Safe to Eat Raw Fish?

  • Raw fish may contain a lot of bacteria so it is best avoided during pregnancy
  • However, eating cooked fish has lot of health benefits. Make sure to eat fish low in mercury and cook it properly

Eating Fish While Pregnant – Mercury Level

  • Mercury in fish is very harmful for human beings and even more so for developing fetuses
  • Avoid consuming fish that is known to have a high amount of mercury in it may cause severe health problems
  • Consult with a dietician if you are unsure about the best types of fish to eat

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