Hair Dye During Pregnancy

To dye or not to dye….that is the question! Especially among pregnant women who are uncertain if the chemicals in the hair dye they use are safe for their unborn child or not. There are certain chemicals present in the dye which may cause genetic defects or birth defects to the unborn child.  This article discusses on the effects of hair dye during pregnancy.

Hair Dye Applied During Pregnancy – Effects

  • A small amount of hair dye gets absorbed in the skin when you use hair dye. This small amount of hair dye does not harm your unborn child.
  • It has not been conclusively determined if applying hair dye during pregnancy is safe or not. It may be better to be safe rather than sorry and simply refrain from applying hair dye during the first trimester.
  • At the first trimester all the vital organs of the baby are formed.  During this trimester your baby will be less vulnerable to any kind of developmental disorder.
  •  The dye should not comes in contact with the scalp. Do not use single-process color because it will reach the hair roots and may be absorbed.
  • Henna which is as a vegetable dye may be used for hair coloring instead of using hair dye. Henna is considered harmless during pregnancy. Always read the labels to ensure that the dye contains natural substances.
  • Temporary colors are non-toxic so may be used during pregnancy.
  • Instead of coloring your hair, why not  opt for highlighting. The color is applied to the hair and not to scalp. This reduces the likelihood of absorption of chemicals into the blood.
  • After applying hair dye, wash your hair thoroughly so that there is no residue of hair color left behind in the hair.

Hair Dye During Pregnancy – Tips for Coloring your Hair

Above all, take advice from your health care provider before applying hair dye during pregnancy. .

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