Massage for Pregnant Women

Almost every women thinks about whether is it safe to have a body massage during pregnancy. If the right massage technique is applied by the right therapist, it will definitely help. It is very natural to experience unusual things during pregnancy. You might experience tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy, irritability and cramping throughout the day. Much of the time you might feel sleepy and drowsy. Your feet may swell and your body may ache. At this time, you need to relax, get some pampering and have a massage. This article focuses on the many benefits of massage for pregnant women.

Massage for Pregnant Women – Benefits

  • With a help of a good massage, all your body aches and pains,such as swelling, tightness, cramping and tension, willbe alleviated.
  • Body massage increases the blood circulation and oxygen supply, which is as good for a mother as it is for her baby.
  • It helps to eliminate waste products from the body which lead to fluid retention.
  • It makes muscles more flexible and eases labor pain.
  • Massage for pregnant women also improves sleep and makes the body better prepared to bear a child
  • It also tends to make you feel more energetic and joyous throughout the pregnancy period.

Massage During Pregnancy – Positions

  • One must be aware of which parts of the body should be massaged before starting a massage. One can go to spas to get a good massage or you can ask your partner to give you a massage.
  • During pregnancy, massages are totally different to traditional massage. During pregnancy it is not possible to lie down on the belly, so there are special positions which will give you and your child maximum comfort.
  • Your abdomen can be massaged during the first few months of pregnancy. In order to get support, put a soft pillow between your knees.
  • As time passes, your baby will grow, along with your stomach, so you might not feel comfortable lying down on your back. In this case, a semi-sitting position, with the help of a pillow,might be better.
  • Lying on your side or sitting and leaning over a pillow are other options.
  • One can get a back massage whilst sitting down. Sitting over a pillow in your lap is the most comfortable position for a back massage. Back massage will give you relief from fatigue and backache.
  • The best way to get a foot massage is to lie down on your back with your legs stretched out in front of you and a pillow under your knees for support.
  • Breast massage after childbirth can help to improve the flow of milk and reduce breast sensitivity.

Pregnancy massage should be firm but very gentle, as well as slow and relaxing. It should be tailored to the individual’s tastes and sensitivities.


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