Headaches During Pregnancy

Many women experience headaches during and related to their pregnancies. Dehydration from vomiting during morning sickness, lack of sleep and hormonal changes contribute to the onset of  headaches during pregnancy.  Intensity of pain varies from mild to moderate. When headaches are diagnosed as migraines, things become difficult. This article focuses on the causes of headaches during pregnancy.

Headaches During Pregnancy – Causes

Hormonal imbalance:-

The primary reason behind headaches during pregnancy is changes in hormonal balance. During the first 12 weeks of pregnancy hormonal imbalance is common. Mild headaches during the first trimester is the most common sign of imbalance in hormone levels in the body.

Inadequate Sleep:-

A common complaint among pregnant women which leads to headaches is lack of sleep. A baby developing in the womb may disturb your sleep. Even the pains and aches during pregnancy may bring sleepiness which results in headaches.

Insufficient Water intake:-

A pregnant woman should drink an adequate amount of water in order to reduce dehydration. Dehydration not only results in dizziness, loss of energy and vertigo but also headaches.

Poor Posture:-

Improper sleeping positions may cause headaches during pregnancy.


Many pregnant women worry about the baby’s health. This adds  to mental stress which later on becomes the cause of headaches.

Headaches During Pregnancy – Home Remedies

Yoga and medication:

– Some people find that one way to manage stress is to practice yoga and medication.

Heat Therapy:-

Soak a small hand towel in warm water, wring out excess water and place the towel on the forehead to get some relief.

Eat the Right Food:-

Avoid drinking wine and beer or drinking too much coffee as, in some women, caffeine may be a contributory cause of headaches.

 Take proper precautions regarding eating and sleeping patterns in order to get avoid or reduce headaches during pregnancy.

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