Recovery After a C-section

After a C–section, you are moved into the recovery room. You stay in the recovery room for a varied amount of time which depends on the anesthesia you had. Typically, it takes 2 – 4 hours to recover from the anesthesia. If you had a spinal or an epidural, it is the time you can move your legs. If general anesthesia is given, you may fall asleep and repeatedly wake up and feel nauseated.

During the recovery period, your vital symptoms and signs are monitored with care. Firmness of the uterus is also checked periodically and even the blood flow. You can experience the contraction of the uterus as the pain reduces gradually.

The best suggestion to recover from a C-section is to move as soon as possible. However, you may wish to start with simple exercises such as things like breathing. It sounds easy, but taking a deep breath is not as easy as you think. Remember that you should begin to do this frequently and early.

When you move into your room, some equipment like blood pressure monitors, IVs and a catheter follow you. The catheter is removed shortly after your surgery. The IV remains with you until the intestines start working again and there is evidence of this through some rumbling sound in the intestines. Try to avoid hot, cold, and carbonated drinks.

Pain is felt after the surgery and is important to look into it early, as less pain makes you feel easiness and lets you moves around. This helps you in recovering faster. If you have had a local anesthesia, you might have been given Duramorph earlier for removal of catheter. This gives relief from pain for 24 hours after the surgery. You may ask for some medications for reducing the pain.

Here are some suggestions for recovery from C-section.

  • Always begin to walk with some help.
  • Avoid leaning forward or standing straight.
  • Try to walk frequently, but do not do over-exercise.
  • Avoid lifting anything too heavy (except for holding the baby).

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