What is Unassisted Birth? – Reasons, Types of Unassisted Birth

When we hear the words “unassisted bIrth” we think about giving birth to a baby in the car on the way to hospital or in a cabin in a snow storm. These are however, emergency births. Unassisted birth refers to a woman or a couple who choose to give birth to a child without the healthcare provider or medical assistance. This is also called as “couples birth,” “free birth,” “unhindered birth,” and “unassisted home birth.”

Unfortunately, thousands of women and their families are making these decisions for various reasons. Some view this approach to birth as a spiritual calling that they believe on a religious level. Others think that midwifery and medical care are regulating and interferes in the natural process.

Common Reasons for Unassisted Births:

The following are some reasons for choosing an unassisted birth:

  • Most interventions that are used by the healthcare providers cause more harm than good in the normal birth.
  • Some think that birth is a sexual, intimate and moreover orgasmic experience. Hence, they believe that privacy is required for enabling the erotic dimension.
  • A conviction that delivery is a common and normal  function of a woman’s body and thus, not a surgery.
  • Another belief that free birth increases the maternal feelings and makes the mother feel the responsibility for the welfare of child.
  • In the US, many  cannot find practitioners to assist in a desired home birth. Hence, this results in unassisted births.

Types of Unassisted Births:

Couple’s Birth:

Women giving birth and their partner may wish to be alone for their child birth. Some consider unassisted birth as an extension of their married life.

Unassisted with Family:

While this does not include any healthcare provider or birth attendants, but the woman may wish to have family members present at birth. This may include the mother’s close friends, partner, grandparents and other members of the family.

Solo birth:

Some women choose to deliver the baby completely alone. They restrict themselves to a room and call the partner after giving birth. These women think of  this unassisted birth as a private process.

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