What are the best maternity work clothes?

During the first trimester, you can usually wear normal clothes. Leave the top button of trousers and skirts undone if they begin to feel tight. You can leave a shirt untucked and hide this. When you feel that your waistband has become too tight, loop the buttonhole with a rubber band and wrap around the button. This provides an extra inch or two for breathing room. During pregnancy, if you observe that your bust grows, choose loose tops or opt for suit jackets open over shirt or t-shirt. This disguises an increasing bust line.

Though you do not look pregnant, you may be big for your normal outfits but may not be big enough for maternity wear. This is the most frustrating period but it can be overcome with the following tips:

  • Low rise trousers that best fit below the belly
  • Cardigans, floaty tops, loose shirts and jumpers
  • Skirts and a few pairs of trousers with drawstring waistbands or elasticated waists that are larger than the usual size
  • A wrap dress which accommodates both bump and curves in various stages of pregnancy
  • Long tops are the best for hiding the growing tummy
  • Black is slimming and goes with every outfit. A basic dress that suits any occasion teamed with a handbag, scarf, shoes and jewelry is suitable for a more formal occasions. Select stretchy fabric that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Black wide trousers along with a long coat is a good outfit. Button the coat in the upper middle and wear it open as the bump grows in size.
  • Pashminas and wraps are an excellent pregnancy wear. They cover the bump or bust and look stylish.

Maternity Clothes for Formal Occasion:

If it is an extremely formal occasion and you need to wear something special, check out  businesses in your area which hire pregnancy wear. Some hire stores offer various maternity outfits ranging from full length ball gowns to wedding dresses.

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