What measures can be followed to prevent teen pregnancy?

Adolescent pregnancy

Parents can prevent teenage pregnancy by involving themselves in the lives of their teen. Spend some time with them. Talk to them about pregnancy and the responsibilities involved in becoming a parent.

The following guidance is recommended:

  • Talk to children about changes in their body.
  • Discuss relationships as your child grows. Answer all the questions they raise regarding gender differences. Supply them with books which explain relationships, sex and babies.
  • During puberty, ensure that your child has information about the changes their body is undergoing. Be approachable so that they will feel confident to raise topics openly and gain honest answers to their questions.
  • Ensure that your teen gets comprehensive sex education. It can be through school, at church, or at home. Never assume that they have accurate information. Make sure that they understand parental values and also encourage them to stay safe when they are sexually active.
  • Always communicate freely and make an effort to understand your child rather than overreact to situations.

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