Fetal movement during week 29 of pregnancy

If you are 29 weeks pregnant, more forceful movement by the baby can be observed. By this stage:

  • Baby weighs around 2 to 2 ½ pounds
  • Baby can be 15 inches long from head to heel
  • Billions of neurons develop in the brain
  • Baby’s lungs and muscles continue to mature
  • Baby can respond to pain and can taste
  • Milk teeth develop under gums

Baby’s head grows to accommodate the developing brain. His eyes may move in the sockets. They can follow blinking light and baby also develops sensitivity to light changes. Baby is able to taste now. Most studies reveal that baby can even indicate likes and dislikes for certain tastes at this stage.

Baby moves from side to side but in the coming weeks, his head will move down into the pelvis in preparation for birth. As he gets bigger, movement becomes more noticeable as there is less room for him to move freely.

Baby listens to vibrations and can now differentiate between voices and sounds. Teach your baby by talking to him and playing music.

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