Unplanned Pregnancy in Teens

One may wonder about the causes and effects of pregnancy in teens. There may be different situations for a teenage girl to become pregnant. Some girls may be pregnant when they are involved in dating for longer periods and some may end up pregnant after one date. Some teenage girls become pregnant when they are involved in involuntary sexual activity,such as rape, but these are the rare exceptions.

Teenage pregnancy is the result of getting involved in sexual activities either voluntarily or involuntarily. It is better that you use birth control measures as the effective way to avoid pregnancy if you are not going to stop being involved  in any sexual activity.

Some common methods for birth control are:

  • condoms
  • spermicides
  • birth control pills
  • diaphragms
  • cervical caps
  • intrauterine devices (IUD)
  • Depo-Provera injections

These birth control methods may fail even when they are used carefully and correctly. According to some studies, teens use these birth control measures more improperly than older women. Hence, this leads to more chances of getting pregnant while still in your teen years.

Effects of Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy:

It is difficult to face an unplanned pregnancy. Pregnancy in teens are not limited to deciding whether to keep the baby or not, whether to opt for abortion or cope with motherhood. An immediate effect of pregnancy in teens is how the body of a teenager changes with the growing baby and drastically changes their lifestyles also.

As a teenager’s body begins to carry a child and prepares for childbirth, a teen has to consider the effects of physical activities on the developing baby. Various activities have a negative effectwhen you suddenly find yourself pregnant.

  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Unhealthy eating patterns
  • Consumption of alcohol

Other changes include the uterus expanding, which cause a  change in clothing, and safely participating in sports so, a teenager should consult the doctor about the limitations in her activities and also in her diet. At this time, it’s a good idea to also begin a vitamin regimen.

Emotional Effects of Unplanned Teen Pregnancy:

It is very confusing to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Some emotions that you experience while facing an unplanned pregnancy include:

  • initial excitement
  • fear
  • confusion
  • frustration
  • resentment

It is a natural response for a teenager to think about how they will be raising their baby. It is also very natural that you become confused and scared about everything you now have to think about concerning an unplanned pregnancy.

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