First Period After a Miscarriage

It is very devastating when women experience miscarriage. Miscarriage makes women feel isolated and alone. One should remember that at least one miscarriage is experienced by women during the reproductive years. Take some time and analyze why miscarriage occurs  and why it is not your fault.

Why did a miscarriage happen?

When you conceive and during the creation of human life, half of the genes are taken from sperm and the rest from the ovulation egg for that month. During conception, crossover of genes takes place. Unfortunately, not all pregnancies begin on a good foundation, and miscarriage occasionally does occur.

A pregnancy may continue normally for some weeks Thebabyis miscarried, when the required information is not there and the pregnancy will seem to come to an abrupt end. Unfortunately, there is little or nothing you can do to stop a miscarriage from happening. .

Another reason can be that implantation of the baby did not happen well, or it has not implanted itself into the lining of the womb properly. Rarely, there is a condition called an ectopic pregnancy; where the implantation takes in one of the Fallopian tubes. This is a dangerous condition which will result in a miscarriage. These might be the reasons for miscarriage in women. These things happens just  by chance, andhas nothing to do with you.

Whether you take bed rest from the first day of your pregnancy or you go out might not change pregnancy chances or miscarriage. Miscarriage does not mean that you cannot be pregnant anymore.

There are many old-wives’ tales about why pregnancy ends; they are just that, old tales, and should be regarded as of no consequence.

How long will the bleeding last?

Bleeding may continue for 7-10 days. This should not be heavier than a normal menstrual period and should not have an offensive smell. Consult your gynecologist or other practitioner for some advice if you are worried. Usually, the next period comes after 6weeks or so. If you experience irregular periods, then it might take a longer time. Fertility may also return before the next menstrual cycle, and if you think that you may be pregnant go for a pregnancy test.

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