When do Pregnancy SignsBegin?

Some women experience pregnancy signs and symptomsearlier than others. While some women experience them,  some do not have any discomfort. Pregnancy symptoms occur after implantation, i.e., from 8-10 days after ovulation and these symptoms disappear after the first trimester.

Some pregnancy symptoms are similar to symptoms that occur before menstruation. These maybe the key indicators that you might be pregnant.


This is an early symptomof pregnancy. This may appear within a week of pregnancy. Most women experience morning sickness while others experience sickness during the evening or afternoon. Some women never experience morning sickness.

Swollen breasts:

Breasts become swollen, they start to enlarge and become tender. Veins in the breast are visible. Skin around the nipples darkens, and becomessensitive and erect. This is due to an increase in the HCG hormone levels.

Swollen Uterus:

Most women feel this within a week or two after pregnancy occurs. The uterus swells for the growing fetus. The uterus increases pressure on the bladder, and makes you feel that you needto urinate frequently.

Feeling sluggish:

During pregnancy your body undergoes many hormonal changes. HCG hormone levels increase from 0-250,000 within 12weeks of pregnancy. Body temperature also rises due to an increase in progesterone levels circulating in the body.

Light Bleeding:

This may occur around 8-10days after ovulation. Usually this happens around the usual time for your menstrualcycle. Some think that they are having their periods while they are pregnant. Spotting is caused due to implantation.


Hormones during pregnancy slow down bowel movements in order to give more attention to the absorption of nutrients and vitamins. This worsens as the pregnancy progresses.


You may faint if you stand in one place for a long time. The growth in the uterus compresses arteries in the legs that cause low blood pressure, and this may make you feel dizzy. Skipping meals may also cause dizziness. If you do not eat frequently, it causes low blood sugar levels. The primary source of food to the baby is blood sugar and this depletesquickly.

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