What are the Earliest Signs of Pregnancy?

For women who are looking to conceive, the following information should be noted:

To get pregnant faster, use a fertility monitor.

Many women only learn that they are pregnant when their menstrual cyclestops.

It is recommended that a home pregnancy test can be taken two weeks after ovulation.


Pregnancy symptoms experienced by each woman may be different from others, based on their physical conditions. Some women experience symptoms from the beginning of conception, while others do not. Some symptoms may be experienced after confirming a home pregnancy test.


Earliest symptoms of Pregnancy:

Tender breast:

Blue veins run across the breast and there is an increased tenderness in the breast. Aureoles also darken.


Hormonal changes takeplace which may result in extreme fatigue. This is usually experienced by women who get pregnant for the first time.

Food cravings:

Food cravings can also be the signs of pregnancy, but do not rely on them completely. If food cravings are accompanied with other signs of pregnancy then count the days from the previous menstrual cycle.

Frequent Urination:

Once the embryo implantation is done, it produces the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone. This may result in frequent urination.

Implantation bleeding:

Eight days after ovulation, implantation spotting is experienced. You may also experience cramping. Some spotting is observed around the menstrual cycle time because the egg burrows into the endometrial lining.

Morning Sickness:

Some women do not experience morning sickness until a few weeks after conception. This can occur soon after conception, and a feeling of queasiness begins. This problem can be felt during morning, noon and night.Changes in taste also may occur. Some complain that they have a metallic taste and some say they cannotstand the taste of certain foods.

Basal body temperature stays high:

If you chart the basal body temperature, you can observe that if this temperature stays the same for 18days, then you probably are pregnant.

Missed Period:

If you have regular menstrual periods and then you are late, you can buy a pregnancy test. Missed periodsare probably the number one symptom of pregnancy in women who are of childbearing age.

Positive Home Pregnancy test:

If you waited for the first day of a missed period andhave taken a pregnancy test, thena blue line appears in the test. This ensures that you are pregnant.

Other common symptoms that most women report within the 21days of pregnancy:



Ovary pain




Sore muscles

Tingling breasts

An increase in cervical fluid

Vivid dreams

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