Teen Pregnancy Warning Signs –Part 2

4.Missed Periods:

Teens with normal menstrual periods require necessary supplies. Parents can be aware of their teens pregnancy by checking whether their teen is using the sanitary supplies monthly. If sanitary pads or tampons are left untouched for a few months, then it may be that your teen is notgetting her monthly period. This is an early sign of pregnancy.

5.Changes in Eating Behaviors:

Appetite changes can also be one of the symptoms of pregnancy in teens. Appetites may increase or decrease for some food items. An alertparentmay be able to discern from changes in eating behaviors, that their teen might be pregnant. Parents cannot confirm this only by changes in appetite, but when combined with other symptoms of pregnancy, such as cravings, this could be a good indicator of pregnancy.

6.Increased Fatigue or Sleeping:

Teens who are pregnant often get tired easily, and increase their sleeping. If a teen takes a nap immediately after coming home from school or after supper, it might be a symptom of early teen pregnancy. Or, it could be something else.Parents will notice that their child may be pregnant if the teen is sleeping a lot, or is more exhausted than usual.  These symptoms may be signs of early pregnancy in teens.

7. A Change in Clothing:

Changes in a teens clothing will only happen after the first trimester. Some try to hide the pregnancy by carefully choosing their wardrobe. Parents should note that whether their teen has  changed their outfits or gained weight suddenly, or tries to avoid tight-fitting clothes and chooses sweaters or baggy tops. If a teen opts for loose clothing then it might be a good indication that the teen is pregnant.

8.Changes in Relationship with a Dating Partner or Friends:

Unplanned teen pregnancy changes the relationship with the dating partner or with friends. Teens may often avoid friends and their dating partner to hide their pregnancy from others. Dating partners may try to avoid the teen if he is aware of the pregnancy. Parents should know the dating relationship and the normal friendships of their teen. Though this might not be a sign of pregnancy, some teens exhibit these signs during pregnancy.

9.Decreased interest in Social Activities:

Teenagers may get depressed once they come to know about the unplanned pregnancy. They may show a disinterest in school and other social activities. One of the vital symptoms is that they show disinterestin activities they just recently couldn’t live without. Apart from pregnancy, there may be other reasons for teensto show little or no interest in school or social activities.


Teens may get depressed with an unplanned pregnancy. They are under stress and get confused with pregnancy. Pregnant teens exhibit depression and other early pregnancy symptoms. A unplanned pregnancy and depression often go hand in hand.

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