Teen Pregnancy Warning Signs – Part 1

For many parents it can be a shock to learn that their teen is pregnant. Parents need to be aware of the early warning signs of teens involving themselves in relationships and where that can lead. Early warning pregnancy symptoms vary from teen to teen. Some teenagers exhibit the same signs or combination of symptoms which leads them to discover that they are pregnant. Teen pregnancy is the most serious problem for many teens because they cannot face their parents with unexpected news of this sudden pregnancy. However, once parents are aware of the situation, they will want to assist and support them.

The following are the warning signs of pregnancy in teens:

1.Teens involved in Sexual Relationships:

Teens who are involved in a sexual relationship are more prone to getting pregnant, even though they may use some form of birth control. These birth control methods cannot prevent pregnancy 100% of the time. Sexual relationships may beginonce a teen is dating. If the parents notice that their teen is in a serious relationship with the dating partner, then parents need to explain the risks and responsibilities that are involved inbeing sexually active.

2.Irritability and Mood Swings:

Hormones which develop during pregnancy may causemood swings in pregnant women. Teenagers are often moody anyway, but being pregnant can make emotions even more intense. Parents will notice the emotional stress in teens. Sudden mood swings can be observed in teens. An unplanned pregnancy can be an added stress in teens and it causes irritability in them.


Teens are afraid to share the news that they are pregnant with their parents. They discuss it with their friends, but oftentimes, parentsare the last to know. Teens who maintain secrets
when speaking on the phone with their dating partner or friends, might be hiding their pregnancy from their parents. Though teens maintain some secrets from their parents, pregnant teens maintain a greater secretiveness,  and are cautious about sharing this particular news with their parents.

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