Should I Quit Cold Turkey On Smoking During Pregnancy?

Although cold turkey is considered as a good option for quitting smoking, if you are chain smoker or smoke more than 6 cigarettes in a day, then quitting cold turkey is not safe for you. If a pregnant woman in her first trimester suddenly stops smoking, then this sudden stopping can result in miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. The reason for this is understood to be chemicals, which are released as the result of the physical or chemical stress on the mother’s body. These chemicals are released in the mother’s blood and move down through the placenta to the fetus and cause distress there. This distress in the soft tissues of the growing fetus can result in its death.

What Is Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey?

Quitting cold turkey is the process of quitting smoking immediately with no transitional steps of assistance. In this process, the smoker vows not to smoke at all. As a result, the smoker throws away all of her cigarettes and stops smoking at once. This means that quitting requires a lot of motivation. It is the same reason that only one in twenty people can succeed in quitting smoking using this means. In the case of pregnant women, the numbers can increase as such ladies are more motivated to quit smoking.

Pros and Cons of Cold Turkey:

The best part of cold turkey is that it is the cheapest and least toxic means of quitting smoking. It can be the best way to quit smoking for pregnant woman as they can immediately prevent their baby from the direct exposure of nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other harmful substances.

The harmful part of this process is that if you are a chain smoker, you will face some problems in the beginning. You can have symptoms of depression, irritation, and restlessness. In the first few days you will have to resist the strong craving for smoking within you.

Talk to your doctor if you are a smoker and you become pregnant. She can help you find ways to break the habit for the good of your child.

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