Can Brown Spotting A Week Early Be A Pregnancy?

A brown discharge can be a symptom of early pregnancy. But a discharge of brown color alone cannot signify the presence of pregnancy. In order to confirm whether you are pregnant or not, it is advisable that you test your hormone levels. An increase in the hormone called hCG can only confirm your pregnancy. It might happen that you test positive and confirm your pregnancy, but that does not mean that each time you get a brown discharge it means that you are pregnant.

Cause Of Brown Discharge During The Pregnancy:

The causes of brown discharge during the pregnancy include:

  • The brown spot is an indication of the presence of dry and old blood present in the cervix.  During intercourse and because of some irritation, a tear may be caused in the cervix. This tearing results in the flow of the brown discharge while you urinate or you wipe your cervix. It has been found this discharge of brown color is usually harmless.
  • In case this spotting is noticed during your pregnancy period, it is not a reason to worry. The cause for this kind of discharge during the pregnancy is the implantation.  At the time your baby gets implanted in the uterus, some amount of bleeding takes place. This bleeding comes out in the form of a brown colored discharge.
  • There are various others reasons for this discharge to occur in the early or late stages of pregnancy. For instance, if you notice it in the early trimester of your pregnancy, it might be due a miscarriage or it can be an indication of the presence of some virus in your cervix. These secretions might be accompanied by itching, redness, or burning in your genitals along with abdominal pain.

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