What Happens to the Body During and After Pregnancy?

A woman’s body undergoes a number of changes during pregnancy. Once the pregnancy reaches fruition, all of the changes that took place in the woman’s body during pregnancy return to their normal state. The woman’s body undergoes numerous changes during both phases. These changes in the woman’s body before and after the pregnancy are mentioned in this article.

Changes in the Woman’s Body During the Beginning of Pregnancy:

The major changes that the woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy include:

  • Excessive formation of saliva
  • Nasal congestion
  • Skin changes and skin pigmentation
  • Pulling sensation around the abdomen
  • Increase in hCG hormone, as well as progesterone and estrogen

Changes in the Woman’s Body After Pregnancy:

Once a woman has delivered a baby a few changes will be noticed:

  • Post natal bleeding can last for weeks.
  • Most women gain some  weight after their pregnancy. The stomach is not as flat as before, as the size of the uterus has enlarged it for the duration of the pregnancy. It takes seven to nine months to return back to a normal condition.
  • The body is weak, and you will not be able to perform tasks as quickly as before.
  • At least three to four weeks are necessary to recover from the surgery.

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