Can Pregnancy Occur During Menstruation?

It happens very rarely that pregnancy occurs during the menstruation period, but it is possible.

Process of Pregnancy:

The process of pregnancy begins when a sperm meets an egg in the fallopian tube of a woman. The egg is released from one of the ovaries in her monthly cycle.

This process in which an ovary releases an egg is known as ovulation. An egg can survive inside the fallopian tube for only 24 hours. If within this span of time the sperms arrives and meets with the egg, pregnancy occurs.

If the pregnancy does not happen, the egg, along with the lining of the uterus, sheds down in the form of blood as the menstrual period. So, obviously, both ovulation and menstruation occur at two different times. For the pregnancy to occur at the time of menstruation, one of the following conditions must occur:

  • If you have an extremely short menstrual cycle, there is a possibility that you could start ovulating as soon as your menstruation is complete.
  • If you bleed for a longer duration of time, this indicates that you are bleeding even after you have completed your menstruation. So, you are bleeding during the time in which you are actually ovulating.
  • Finally, sperm has the tendency to stay in your body for few days. So, as soon as you finish your menstruation and start ovulating, the sperm that was there from a period of 5–6 days can fertilize the egg.

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