How Early Can a Pregnancy Be Detected?

It the beginning, pregnancy can only be detected by a pregnancy test. The test verifies pregnancy by the increase in the level of hCG hormone, which is secreted once the zygote implants itself in the uterus. After this the hormone level increases with each passing day.

The increase in the level of this hormone can be detected in the blood and urine. High levels of this hormone in these samples indicate pregnancy, while no detectable hCG hormone means no pregnancy.

Detecting Pregnancy at an Early Stage:

Pregnancy can be detected as early as the first week. You can either consult your doctor for a blood or urine test or it can even be done at home. Pregnancy detection kits are now available that can detect pregnancy at the earliest stages.

These kits contain chemically bound strips, which change their color in the presence of a high concentration of hCG hormone. If the strip changes its color, it means that you are pregnant.

Drawback of Testing Pregnancy at an Early Stage:

Early detection tests can give a false negative. You might happen be pregnant, but the test was not able to detect it yet.

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