Induced Abortion

Induced abortion is the procedure in which termination of the pregnancy is done intentionally. In this process the growing fetus, along with the placenta from the mother’s womb, is intentionally removed by a physician. Medicines are used for performing such abortions in recent times.

Induced Abortion Types Or Methods:

The induced method can also be performed either using a surgical method or in a anon surgical manner. The description of the types are:

  • Surgical Methods Of Induced Abortions:

    There are different ways of performing surgical abortions, depending on the duration of the pregnancy to be terminated.  For instance if the pregnancy is just six to twelve weeks then an outpatient surgical method will be followed keeping the woman awake. In many cases local anesthesia is used during the procedure. If the pregnancy is more than twelve weeks along then the procedure is carried out under the general anesthesia.

  • Nonsurgical Method Of Induced Abortions:

    In these methods, medication is used to terminate the pregnancy. This method is followed during the early parts of the first trimester only, often only until seven weeks. After this point it becomes difficult to perform a non-surgical abortion.

Statistics Of Induced abortion’s:

It has been studied that nearly 90% of the abortions are carried out in the first trimester of pregnancy.  Less than 2% of the abortions are carried out after 20 weeks of the pregnancy and only 8 % of the abortions are carried after 24 weeks of the pregnancy.

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