Nonsurgical Abortions

Non-surgical abortions are also termed as medical abortions that are carried out in early pregnancies, typically between seven to nine weeks. In this procedure, prescribed medication is taken to abort the growing fetus.  Any woman seeking an abortion during her second trimester of pregnancy typically must seek out a surgical means of abortion.

The pills Mifepristone or a methotrexate injection is taken for this purpose. These medicines can be used by any one as they render least amount of side effects and are considered the best means for a non-surgical abortion.

Pills Used for Non-Surgical Abortion:

The pills which are used for non -surgical abortion are:


This drug is approved by the FDA and is usually used for treating cancers and other chronic diseases. It is also used for aborting ectopic pregnancies, which can harm the life of the mother. When used in early pregnancies it stops the rapid growth of the embryonic and placental cells. The termination of ectopic pregnancies using this non-surgical method has proved very successful.

Mifepristone Or RU – 486:

This pill is also approved by the FDA for abortion purposes. It is used as a non-surgical means of abortion to abort the fetus, up to nine weeks. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone pill that stops the growth of the developing embryo in the woman’s body. This pill is considered as the best and least evasive means of non surgical abortions.


This drug is taken either in the form of pill or in the form of injection. Misoprostol is a secondary drug that is used for non-surgical abortions. This pill or injection is used to eliminate an abnormal early pregnancy in most of the cases.

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