Pros and Cons of Abortion

Abortion is the procedure in which termination of the pregnancy occurs, usually by choice. The decision to have an abortion can be due to rape or due to a health concern for both the mother and her baby. Women can choose abortion for either social or personal reasons. The decision to have an abortion is highly controversial.

Reasons for Abortions

Reasons women chose abortions include:

  • Abortion is an option for unwanted pregnancies.
  • In case of health risks, abortions save the life of the mother. There are a number of women who suffer from deadly conditions of heart disease, severe hypertension, sickle cell anemia, and severe diabetes. The presence of any of these conditions increases the risks and complications for the developing baby as well as for the mother.
  • Men sometimes abandon their parental duties, leaving the mother to fend for herself and the child. An abortion gives the mother an option to choose, thus retaining her own identity and carrying on with her life in the best way she can.

Abortion Cons

The cons of abortion include:

  • Abortion can be considered as a brutal act, in which the developing fetus is selfishly killed.
  • Some women feel no guilt when getting an abortion, simply using it as a type of birth control.
  • Abortion can be a reflection of irresponsibility. It depicts parents that are not responsible enough to give birth and bring up their own child.
  • Women and men can both feel extreme guilt after getting an abortion.  This is a decision they will both have to live with for the rest of their lives and can often cause depression.

The topic of abortion is personal and controversial. There are many outspoken opponents as well as individuals who want to preserve a woman’s right to choose, especially since many men who father unwanted children feel unaffected by abortion. This leaves the woman feeling alone. Even giving a child up for adoption after an unwanted pregnancy is a difficult task. There is no easy solution to an unwanted pregnancy.


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